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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh By the Way it is Flu Season...

Just when things are going along swell... bam you get the flu! I have been hit hard for the past week or so.  I am not one to rush to the Doctor honestly, and try many alternative things first.  I admit it is a slower process of healing, but in my opinion better overall.  This time I have been researching yoga poses for sinus pressure.  Believe it or not a headstand is on the list.  I was very skeptical of course, but tried it anyway.  I did three of them for :30 each.  When I came up I was almost completely clear.  Yoga is something that I love, and this year it is on my list of things to practice more often.

Before becoming vegan, I was vegetarian.  I ate quite a bit of cheese and loved it.  In fact I was one of those people that said I would NEVER give it up.  When I started to make meals I had made before without cheese sometimes it was disappointing.  I even used substitute cheese to try and recreate that cheesy texture.  I am  not a fan vegan cheeses for the record.  This is actually one of the first times I have made quesadillas since becoming vegan.  After several months without cheese I didn't want it at all, and it didn't even sound good.  If your food is seasoned well and the way you like it there is no need for anything extra.

Mushroom/Kale Quesadillas

This recipe is pretty basic.  I used garlic, kale, portobello mushroom, and a tomato.  I seasoned it with salt and pepper to taste.  You can add any spices that you like really.

I rough chopped these and sauteed them together.  It might sound strange to add the tomato in while you sautee the mushrooms, kale, and garlic.  I really like doing this though because the tomato helps to create a sauce for your filling.  It breaks down really nicely and pairs well with the mushrooms.
 I used a whole grain flour tortilla.  You don't even need to add oil to the pan to crisp these up.  I ate them with salsa on the side.

I am staying pretty low-key this week, but I do have a few blog posts built up.  I will post them when I am feeling up to it! Stay healthy everyone :) 

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