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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lazy Girl...

I wasn't feeling 100% this evening so I made one of my favorite foods for dinner... POPCORN.  Popcorn has been given a bad rap in my opinion.  Thinking about grabbing a bag of chips?? Why not pop some popcorn, where you can control all the ingredients.  I keep it to the serving size, and enjoy a tiny bit of Earth Balance with sea salt.  Popcorn is so good though, I could eat it plain.  I only eat popcorn I have made myself.

Another goodie from my Crazy-Fit-Chicks group! 

I do enjoy a good cup of coffee!  I really love this brand.  It is a great alternative to regular dairy creamer. 
 So if you are like me, you gather tons of pins, magazines and cookbooks.  Do you actually use them?  What are you doing with all those workouts you have pinned?? Next week I will highlight some recipes from Pinterest, magazines, and cookbooks.  I will also share some of my favorite workouts from Pinterest.
Have a great Thursday!!

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