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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to use your "prep" foods.

So you worked really hard and prepared all of this food for the week.  How do you use it to create interesting meals each day? The truth is, if you make a large batch of lentils you will be eating them quite a bit throughout the week. But never fear you can still make things interesting using a lot of the same ingredients.  Tonight I prepared two meals. Supper and two lunches for the week.  I used some of my prepared food plus new items.  You might be catching on to a theme here.  Food is huge.  You can workout all day long, but food is the major factor is getting fit and healthy.  Eating really good food means that your workouts mean that much more.

Do you journal your food?  When I started to journal my food, I found so many extra things in there that I didn't need.  Writing down what you eat everyday for awhile really makes you aware of all that you are consuming.  Do this for awhile and you will start to see a pattern of what is good or bad.
I really enjoy herbal teas.  These are a few of my favorites.

I won't post a workout every day, but this is a special one.  When I first started working out with my fit chicks I could only do 1.5 rounds of this.  It is a challenge, but don't get discouraged! If you cannot do burpees, do jump ropes instead. 5 rounds of this equals about 33 minutes of your day.  This kind of workout will blast your fat.

So  back to the original topic, how to use your "prep" foods.  This recipe used the quinoa I had already prepared plus veggies.  I love this lunch!  It is my version of a pasta salad.

This is one of my go to meals.  It is really filling, and full of veggies.  Be creative and change it up if you like.

Tempeh/Veggie fajitas

Here are my spices
 I always use corn tortillas, and sometimes make my own.

 I LOVE love this bread.  It is the only bread I eat.  They have a variety of kinds, look it up!
Happy Tuesday

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