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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Get Organized!

Some people may or may not know this about me, but I love paper.   NOT just paper, but journals, index cards, sticky notes, pens, pencils... you get the idea.  Sometimes it can be boring planning out workouts and meals and these lovely items make it just a little bit more fun.  I love the Dollar section at Target, which is where I found most of the items.  Another great spot is the Dollar Tree!  I am usually  never disappointed strolling through the office supply section there.

All of these items came from Target, the planner of course was not a dollar.  I can't wait to write out some of my recipes, workouts and meal plans now :)
 Here is my little friend Barney Stinson who against my scolding likes to sit on the very edge of the table and watch me cook! Naughty little kitty.
 I am a sucker for packaging! LOVE love these.  Who wants to use plain old sticky notes when you can use these?
 I really like mechanical pencils and how cute are these!?
I really like this journal because all the pages are blank, no lines.  I like to draw in my journals sometimes so this will be perfect. 

 I thought index cards would be a perfect way to write out some of my workouts or recipes!  I also grabbed an index card holder to keep them all in one place.  Pink for workouts, blue for recipes.... you get the idea.
 I love these little flags for cookbooks or magazines!
Have a fabulous Saturday!  I will be cleaning and organizing my workout space this weekend.  I am browsing Pintersest for some inspiration!

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