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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Usually my weekends are spent relaxing with my little family, cleaning, organizing, catching up, and almost always a trip to the local Goodwill. Goodwill has never failed me! I have found so many things there, everytime I go I am amazed that someone actually donated "this" to Goodwill. I think the craziest find so far would be a working xbox with a 2010 Madden game in it! I will say you have to be somewhat saavy hunting around, put on your elbow pads people are NOT messing around there! Here are my latest finds!

First I have to say, I LOVE globes! This is a somewhat new obsession, as I only own two....but I plan on collecting them and arranging them together.

I absolutely loved the detailing on this one!



Green!!! my favorite color by far. I love finding things to redo, but even better when you find something that just fits right into your home AS IS!

Thus this green shelf for...WAIT FOR IT!!! $5.99 I was shocked at the price considering it was solid wood!


I know not everyone thinks of purchasing a pillow at Goodwill, and for good reason. But they are easy to clean, and well worth it!


And last but not least an unique find I will take to work with me. It is actually a lamp that plugs in. Hard to see from the photo, but it is in great shape and very "folksy"



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