Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trying out something new on the blog!! I am making time for all the moments life has to offer, and I LOVE looking back through all of my phone photos because they really capture the moment.  You always have your phone with you now to document life!!  I MUST admit I have been a bit "Snobbish" towards Instagram... but I am finding it perfect for capturing the moment in somewhat artistic way.  So here are some things that have been filling up my weekend! :)
 I love visiting the Library, I have been there twice this weekend finding something new each time!  This little paragraph really struck me, and hit home to how I have been feeling lately about soaking up life's special moments! Finding joy wherever you are etc....

 The above two books were so beautiful!  They are on my list to buy for sure!  The first one is about fun parties for kids, but not just any parties these are very simple "earthy" parties!  The second book has beautiful photography and out of the box recipes!  One I am going to try first is chickpea burgers! :)

 OH a girl after my own heart! I asked her if she wanted to go to Target and she said she would rather go to the Library!! While there she copied down facts about foxes into her journal :)
 We LOVE Grounds for Celebrations! MMMMM

 OH I watched this movie a hundred times when I was younger, I love introducing Audrey to these
 Audrey and Frank! It has been awhile since Frank has been to our house, he wasn't sure about the Kittens... but gave them some love anyway!
 Love this kid, he is comes up with the best sayings!

 We browsed through this today too! I picked it up at an auction a few months ago, it is in great shape!

 Always better to play with a cousin!

 Always love to move my shelf around, this time I added a few spots for the kittens!
 The kittens are getting HUGE!  They are very lovable, and kind of spoiled....
Barney up top, Ted down below!

 TV/Netflix time....

 After hanging out for awhile we decided to take a little walk to the Library! Audrey is walking like she owns the neighborhood! :)

 The other day on my bike ride I came upon this little spot on the trails! It wasn't anything major, but just a sweet little space to share with Audrey!  So today we walked over with Frank, and checked it all out.  We are planning on a picnic there soon! 
 HUGE tree!!!
 I would have to say that my daughter is the MOST creative person I have ever known!!

 Over the past 12 weeks I have changed a lot of things in my life, mostly FOOD!  Quinoa is something I really LOVE.  I found these recipes in a magazine at the Library, they look so simple and basically you can cook up a batch of Quinoa and style it up anyway you like!

 Really trying to squeeze in some ready time these days!
 You can create ART anywhere... PROOF  ^^^^^^^^^

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