Boomberry : *Happy Birthday Darling Audrey*

Friday, January 1, 2010

*Happy Birthday Darling Audrey*

Where does the time go? I ask myself that everytime I look at my daughter and realize she is growing up right before my eyes. It seemed like just yesterday that I was preparing for her to come...she came two weeks early on New Years 1:14am. Of course we all make resolutions each year to try to do this and try to do that...but I have some ideas that I am going to work on this year. Number one is spending more time doing fun things with my daughter and husband. Don't get me wrong we spend a lot of time together already but I am talking about more meaningful time, one on one, making it count, best memories kind of time!!! Anyway enough rambling I do have some photos to post ;)

It is always a challenge for me to get her to look at my camera, but you know what some of the best shots I have of her are not looking.


She was excited to help me make her "Birthday Pancakes" Look at all those candles!!


She really wanted a Baby Alive doll, so she got one from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. We always do our Christmas with them on her Birthday weekend, so its a present extravaganza for her! She really was into this doll, of course it does its business when you feed it....


Finally I had mentioned that I was going to start "Junking" more, so I wanted to share this photo. I absolutely love to collect a few things. Bottles...mostly greenish and blueish...old furniture...but MOST of all vintage cameras! I have collected four so far that I love, I use them in some of my photo shoots from time to time. This camera is one of my favorites....



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