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Friday, July 27, 2012

LIFE - according to instagram...

On the way to the WD with the Fit Chicks!

Audrey LOVES to read her Bible... after looking around for her one day this is where I found her :)

Library time.... Audrey is doing her "research" On FOXES
 I love the Library as I am sure you know by now... This book was awesome, it was a party book by Tori Spelling!

 Kittens are getting big, but they still LOVE to snuggle up!
 I finally attempted a Pinterest project with my Pre-K friends!  It turned out pretty cute :)
 We have become regulars at the Clive Aquatic Center!
 This lovely window is at Herb's Salvage right now...
 Hubby's usual..

 This is a great book!  I am planning on taking Audrey to New York City sometime and this had some great ideas!

 My first "long" run!  6 miles  This was my half-way point, I thought I was never going to find this sign :)
It was much easier on the way back...
 About 4.5 miles in.... This picture is kind of creepy I apologize for that :)
 Finished!  If you put your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING! I was a couch potato 18 weeks ago and yesterday I ran 5.5 miles of the 6 I was attempting :)  Get out there and get MOVING!

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