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Friday, December 30, 2011

Vintage Home

Just wanted to share some of my favorite things at home.  Most of all I love for my home to be cozy and reflect our little family.  It isn't perfect and is ALWAYS evolving.  Most of the pieces of furniture I have were thrifted, found on the side of the road, or given to me.  When I say side of the road I mean when it is spring clean up and people are just throwing out STUFF to get rid of it, that is when I look on the curbs.   I feel like I have rescued many items that were fabulous from going straight through the trash.  I love to buy new things too, but they are rarely ever as cool and unique as found things.

My dresser bought at Goodwill for 17.99!

I like to have all mismatched pillows on my bed, I am lacking a headboard right now because I can't decide on an idea I like.
This is my little record listening area.  As you can see the record player is huge, so I have accommodated it by placing it on the floor.  I do want a more compact one eventually, but I do love the vintage feel this one has.  It also has two speakers in the front that swing out, which I think is very innovative for the time.

*Blue Chair - found on side of the road, repainted and used a seat cushion purchased at the Better Homes and Garden's prop sale.
*Funky Stand - given to me 
*Funky Green Candle Holder - Goodwill 1.99
*French Girl Picture - from a calendar purchased at Barnes and Noble when they slash the prices after the Holidays. :)
*Bottles - you can find beautiful bottles EVERYWHERE! Stash them away for when you need them.  I put some dollar store numbers on the apothecary jar to spruce it up!
And now for my daughter's room!  This is the best her room has looked in months, she is a clutter queen.  I am not sure where this comes from exactly because I HATE clutter.  We still have the pale pink from when she was smaller, and are thinking of going more bold.  She wants orange not sure how to work that one into the color scheme yet.  

*Bed Set - Target $10 on clearance
*Vintage Pillow Case (in back) - Goodwill 1.99
*XYZ Pillows - Better Homes and Garden's Prop sale for next to nothing
*Black Throw - Goodwill 2.99

Found this green dresser around the corner from my house on the curb.  It was in great shape and already painted this way! I snatched it right up.

I like the idea that I mentioned before of mismatching all your pillows!  It makes it much more interesting and easy to find pillows to add to your collection.

 Another Goodwill find was this lovely framed artwork.  It isn't really vintage and probably came from a department store, but it looks great in my living room ;)

If you are looking for something cheap to collect with BIG style... Bottles are it!  They come lovely shades of blue, green or just glass.  You can peel the labels off of bottles you like that are glass too.  I also collect vintage cameras and surprisingly they are also cheap for the most part.

 This chair was also rescued off the curb, it is shabby and vintage just the way I like it.  Even if you find a chair that won't support sitting it will surely support a photo frame ;)

Happy Friday everyone! Go get some JUNK!

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